Logo Design, Branding & Marketing: Texas Adopt-A-Beach Program

The Texas Adopt-A-Beach Program of the General Land Office began in 1986 as the first all-volunteer effort in the nation dedicated to cleaning and protecting coastal beaches.  Since the first cleanup in 1986, more than 481,000 Texas Adopt-A-Beach volunteers have picked up more than 9,100 tons of trash from Texas beaches, some of it originating from as far away as South America.  The program inspired similar beach cleanup programs across America and around the world.

CHALLENGE:  Since its inception in 1986, the Adopt-A-Beach program had failed to use a consistent brand and theme.  Changes in agency leadership following each new land commissioner led to a lack of consistent communication methods and subsequently no graphic standard was created to support the program identity.

SOLUTION: As Communications Director for the Land Office, Mark created the first official logo and unified brand strategy for the program.  The brand has been enormously successful, raising the profile of the program and increasing awareness of the Adopt-A-Beach mission.  The program is almost entirely funded by corporate and private donations.  Mark also initiated the first direct mail and social media fundraising campaigns for the program.  

INTERESTING: In 2009, Mark and the Adopt-A-Beach Program hosted former President George H.W. Bush at the Spring cleanup on Bolivar Peninsula, which had been devastated by Hurricane Ike the previous fall. He attended the cleanup in support of the the Adopt-A-Beach Program and the Bush/Clinton Foundation.